Original Analysis Assignment (Show and Tell)

The purpose of this assignment is to be able to recognize the themes and tropes discussed in class, identify examples, and critically analyze those examples. This assignment should also help you develop your oral presentation and teamwork skills.

Bring an example of some pop culture text or media object to class that fits the daily theme. Critically analyze the text, focusing in on one key issue related to the day’s theme. Make sure that you exhibit some element of this text in your presentation, e.g., if it is a written work, read a quotation or make a hand-out; if it is an artwork, display a digital slide; if it is an audio or video work, play a clip. (If you need to use the projector or audio system in the room, please send your files to the Professor at least 24 hours ahead of time.)

Some questions you might ask in the course of writing your journal: What does this representation tell us about how the author understands science or scientists? What does it tell us about the audience? What does this text tell us about how we as a society value science? What hopes or ideals for science does it represent? What fears and anxieties about science and its role in society? In what ways is the portrayal of science problematic? E.g., from a political, ethical, or socio-historical point of view?

You may work on this project with a partner, and in fact, I encourage you to do so.

Satisfactory presentations will do all of the following:

  1. Exhibit some element of the work (quotation, photograph, audio or video clip, etc.).
  2. Provide some analysis of the work, not just summary.
  3. Connect the work to the day’s theme.
  4. Be between 5-8 minutes long—no shorter or longer. (We will take at least two minutes for Q&A at the end of your presentation, taking up 10 minutes total.)