Practice Midterm Exam

Multiple Choice

1. Indiana Jones is an example of which trope?

a. The Mad Scientist
b. The Intrepid Explorer
c. The Nutty Professor
d. The Real Genius

2. A real-life inspiration for the Nutty Professor trope was:

a. Albert Einstein
b. Richard Feynman
c. All of the above
d. None of the above

3. Which is a key aspects of the Nutty Professor trope?

a. Has interests like Star Wars and Dungeons & Dragons
b. Generally used for comedic effect
c. Acts heroically
d. Is cold and logical

Short Answer

4. What anxiety about the role of science in society is expressed by the Mad Scientist trope. [1-2 sentences]

5. Which trope or tropes best describe Professor Farnsworth, and why? [2-3 sentences]